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Make Sure the VIN You Enter is Correct!

Make Sure the VIN You Enter is Correct!

Make sure your VIN number is a 17-character letter-and-digit code that never includes letters I, O, Q!

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Trailer Vin Locations

Trailer VIN locations differ depending on the type of the trailer, make and models. You may need one to title a trailer, as well as to run VIN history search Below are the most popular VIN locations for different types of trailers. Please, note if your trailer was manufactured in 1970 or earlier it may have no VIN at all and you’ll have to title it as home-built.

Vin Location On A Pull-Behind Travel Trailer:

The following trailer VIN locations in the first place when it goes to travel trailers:

  • The tongue in the front of the trailer (search both the top and bottom of the metal bars)
  • The inside of the caravan door.

Motorhome / RV VIN locations:

  • Right hand side of front cross member to the engine compartment (Fiat Ducato/Citroen Relay/Peugeot Boxer)
  • Left hand inner wheel arch
  • Dash by windshield
  • Driver’s door pillar (Renault Master) or frame or post on passenger side
  • Side of the driver’s seat (Iveco/Mercedes)
  • Steering column
  • Base of passenger side windscreen (WV)
  • Firewall of the vehicle
  • Radiator support bracket
  • On the engine and on the chassis (replicated, the latter may not match the primary VIN).
  • On the caravan entrance (replicated)

Boat Trailer Vin Locations

  • port side frame near the tongue, from inside
  • on the tongue
  • just below the winch

  • Note that the boat trailer may have no VIN on it at all, simply because it is often printed not on a solid part like the tongue on on an aluminum sticker attached to left side of the tongue. The sticker may come off the first time it hits water. Loss of VIN plates is very common for boat trailers, so the DMV issues a new one without a problem. In such cases, the boat trailer is registered as homebuilt.
  • Finding the VIN may be troublesome on boat trailers that were repainted multiple times. Search carefully, it may still be there if it was printed right on the trailer, not on the aluminum foil.

Horse / Livestock / Hale Stock / Cattle Trailer VIN Locations

  • Mid level or low level head side of the trailer (Logan, common on other makes)
  • On the interior head side of the gooseneck (Elites).
  • On the exterior of the head side of the gooseneck (Featherlite, Elite, CM,)
  • Head side interior to the right of the battery boxes (Harts).
  • Near or on the fender bottom or head side (old Circle J and WW)
  • Head side of the tongue (Hart and Featherlite bumper pull trailers).
  • Upper side of the tongue (Logan, Titan bumper pull trailers).