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Salvage / Junk Title Water Damage Accident Frame Damage Lemon / Manufacturer Buyback Total Loss Odometer Tampering Open Lien
Make Sure the VIN You Enter is Correct!

Make Sure the VIN You Enter is Correct!

Make sure your VIN number is a 17-character letter-and-digit code that never includes letters I, O, Q!

Car VIN Search

The Issues to Know About:

  • Stolen
  • Frame Damage
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Water Damage
  • Salvage/Junk Title
  • Lemon Title
  • ...and more...
Vehicle Title Search

Vehicle Title Search

  • Lemon Title
  • Salvage Title
  • Rebuilt Title
  • Junk Title
  • Water Damage
  • ...and more...

VIN searchVIN search is a standard procedure that should always precede the purchase of a used vehicle. Used car buyers run VIN search online in order to get an instant vehicle history report from online databases constantly updated with the information coming from companies, organizations and departments that collect used vehicle data. The vehicle history report is a detailed report about hidden problems of a used vehicle and other important information that may seriously affect the purchase value of a vehicle and help you negotiate the price with the seller. VIN number search results play the major role when making purchasing decision.

How does VIN search protect me?

VIN search can prevent serious financial loss from buying a junk or severely warn off vehicle passed off as a slightly used car is a good condition.VIN search can even save your life because driving a problem vehicle can be mortally dangerous.VIN search saves not just your money but also your time. VIN search takes just a few minutes of even seconds. You don’t even have to see the vehicle, you need only the VIN number and you’ll be informed about the vehicle’s problems immediately and won’t waste your time if the vehicle is not worth that.Remember: you should always run VIN search yourself. Unfortunately, there are dishonest used car dealers that may show you fake reports or the reports that show the vehicle history before the major problem occurred.

What are the hidden vehicle problems VIN search discovers?

The most common problems used car buyers should beware of are major damage (such as severe accident, flood, fire or hail damage) and resulting salvage title, lemon vehicle, theft or odometer scam.Buying a vehicle with one or several such problems, you overpay now and face enormous maintenance expenses later, if you are lucky. If you are not so lucky, you buy a vehicle with serious functional problems that put the driver’s and passengers’ lives at risk. For example, non-functioning airbags that leave you without protection in case of an accident or a “clipped” vehicle that can break into two halves at full speed. Having your vehicle confiscated by the police because it was stolen before you bought it is extremely depressing experience. Not just that you lose the car without any compensation, you also get into troubles with the police.

A typical Auto VIN search includes the following:

  • Branded title search (salvage, manufacturer buyback/lemon, odometer rollback and other)
  • Accident records search
  • Major damage records search (frame damage, flood, fire, crash-test,
  • Odometer reading and odometer rollback search
  • Number of owners
  • Registration record search (including registration in problem areas)
  • Theft record search
  • Specific vehicle use search (police, government, taxi, driver education and other)
  • Loan/lines search

Free VIN search option is widely advertised on the Internet. But what is actually free VIN search and what can it protect you from? The so-called free VIN search shows how many records the vehicle history report company has in the database. Learn more about free VIN check.Buying a used vehicle is a risky business. Every year tens of thousands vehicle are stolen and re-sold to unsuspecting buyers. Over 1 million of 2.5 million accident cars return on the road, many are not roadworthy. The number of vehicle totaled by the insurance companies then sold at the auctions, patched up and sold as good vehicles is immense. VIN search is an easy way to detect any of such problems.