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Auction announced as exempt from odometer laws accident damage flood damage written off car unpaid lien being rebuilt after an accident manufacturer recalls flood - nonrepairable svd# title stolen parts exceeded mileage

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... 2000 FREIGHTLINER ARGOSY, ... All Steel Wheels; Tandem Axle; VIN #: 1FUJAWAV94LM85928; 52,900 lb Gross ... Enter search information and click the Search ...

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May 23, 2012 ... If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. .... Freightliner Incomplete Vehicle 3AK M-B Mexico Freightliner Truck 3AL M-B Mexico ... Argosy Class 7 Class 8 MilitaryTOS Training Dept Daimler Trucks 8; 9. 1. ... 1 9 The 9th position of the VIN is called the check digit, it is ...

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Manufacturing country / Continent:
USA / North America

Fuel type:

Basic Options:
AM/FM Stereo,Power Steering, Power Brakes, ABS (4-Wheel) , Daytime Running Lights

Number of Cylinders:

Transmission Type:
4 Spd Automatic 

Body Type:

Safety Options:
Active(Manual) Belts 

History data records available:

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Truck Parts and Service - Freightliner Trucks

Learn about Freightliner's truck parts and ... Working for You, Wherever You Are. ... Be sure to check out the Smart Route To Savings special offers available now at ...

Assessing the news werbresourses sketching worth-while tips to visitors who are intending to take possession of a repossessed Volvo as well as any other RV or motorbike or car shows one cogitable truth which most pose as a must-be: car history info. Still and all, it might be capitally indispensable to be informed what car history data is about and what exact type of safeguard it renders. Everybody have run up that a ton of situations involving marketers shaking off motor cars with various title plagues before they enter the market to befooled bargainees and before shoppers order the car history report you have no ability to rummage true value. There should not be two equal vehicle identification numbers aka DNA sequences of the motor vehicle. The VIN number that recapitulates cardinal factory features, stays unchangeable the motor car's life. Almost all changing after the motorbike or truck or car's being put on sale, to name a few, particular types of service, Lien Papers title, airbag deployment, as a rule even plain servicing performed, keeps for ever and ever vehicle identification number - related. Cut off to deceive yourself cus The marketer is by no means a mercy but an opponent who merely designs to grab gripe pieces with small expenditures, to name a few repainting a hoopty, and you intend to buy a car or motorhome or motorcyle which in reality warrants the money you pay.

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Questions a future car purshaser has to memotise:
  • Do you sell it with the a factory warranty?
  • the seller provides it with the extended warranty, correct?
  • is there a serious reason behind parting with the motorbike or car or truck?
  • is this a post-accident vehicle?
  • who and when traded you it?
  • How long of a test drive do you permit a shopper?
  • in what circumstances can this car be returned to you for a moneyback
  • how many years was that motor car your auto?

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VIN Decoder / Freightliner VIN Decoder / 1FUJAWCK36LW80221. ... Freightliner: Model: Argosy : Engine Type: 6 cylinders: Body: Truck: Style: Tractor Truck: Fuel ...

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Note: A record may point to any critical problem.
Study every record carefully!
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