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Crashes high-speed crash test exceeded mileage recycled being assembled lemon according to the state law fire damage incident clean title/rebuilt artificers lien transfer title odometer replacement

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Manufacturing country / Continent:
USA / North America

Safety Options:
Dual Front Air Bags w/ Passenger Cutoff Switch 

Number of Cylinders:

Transmission Type:
5 Spd Automatic 

Body Type:
4 Door EXT Cab Pk 

Basic Options:
Tilt Wheel, Cassette, Power Steering, AM/FM Stereo,Air Conditioning, Power Brakes, ABS (4-Wheel) 

Fuel type:

Drive type:

History data records available:

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Not much time ago I was analyzing the Internet for motor car buying dangers so I learned that a big number of pros recommend ordering VIN search. Every person can imagine that there is a big number of unhappy events involving bargainors fobbing off cars or motorhomes, motorcyles having frequentative tough dirty secrets long back to unknowing buyers. One and the same vehicle identification numbers must never be found on multiple cars, motorcyles, motorhomes, like duplicate DNA array in no sitiations is found in different humans. Such a cipher and letter sequence which carries about 100 percent of inherent shop-built features, say the brand anchor assigned to the manufacturer by the SAE, e.g, CMSI and Roadmaster, the series number that aids you to verify a specified automobile of a specified make, factory, and suchlike for the reason that they are supposed to be similar in a big number of automobiles, as well as other essential information, say, safety restraints, say side air bags, is constant the whole of the auto's lifetime. In this wise, the biggest part of the info about a certain travel trailer or car or motorcyle attained from various info agencies, must keep VIN - bound. Cease to deceive yourself cus The dealer is under no state of affairs a fairy but an opponent who plans barely to earn more bucks with low-end losses, but you want to purchase a motor car which is not a utter loot and non-inoperative.

VIN Search Discussions

Pre-buying questions you ought to mark:
  • You give purchasers an opportunity to test-drive this car or recreational vehicle or motorbike, don't you??
  • How many times was it damaged an accident?
  • are refund provisions fixed by the seller's contract?
  • can you remember the dealer who owned the motor vehicle previously?
  • the seller markets it with the extended warranty, is that correct?
  • How long of the original manufacturer's warranty is left?
  • how many years had the car been yours?
  • does selling that auto have any specific necessities?

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The VIN Guide data in the PDF's was current at the time the PDF's were developed. Please use the VIN Lookup above for the most up to date information.

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(All Vehicle Types)
Note: A record may point to any critical problem.
Study every record carefully!
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